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Sometimes I believe all the lies
so I can do the things I should despise.
And everyday I am swayed
by whatever is on my mind.

I hear it all depends on my faith
so I'm feeling precarious.
The only problem I have with these
mysteries is they're so mysterious.

And like a consumer I've been thinkin'
if I could just get a bit more...
More than my fifteen minutes of faith,
Then I'd be secure...

My faith is like shifting sand,
changed by every wave...
My faith is like shifting sand
so I stand on grace...
Stand on grace.

I begged You for some proof
for my Thomas eyes to see.
A slithering staff, a leprous hand,
and lions resting lazily.

A glimpse of Your backside glory
on this soaked altar going ablaze.
But You know I've seen so much,
I explained it away...

My faith is like shifting sand
changed by every wave...
My faith is like shifting sand
so I stand on grace

Waters rose as my doubts reign
My sand castle faith have slipped away
I found myself standing on Your grace
It'd been there all the time

My faith is like shifting sand
changed by every wave...
My faith is like shifting sand
so I stand on grace...
Stand on grace.

Life can seem unbearable at times, but don't let it keep you down. Meditate on God's goodness, talk to Him, and know that He hears you. When life knocks you to your knees, you're in a good position to pray.
Thursday, October 16, 2008
I'm moving
This blog will be officially closed. I decided, I probably should make a new home.

To see my new posts, please visit...


Otei? See yah!

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Monday, October 13, 2008
Change Done
So I'm finally done with the new design, and happy with it.

I did this in the office, for I think I won't be able to do this freely at home because right now, there are many people there because some of my relatives are there and our house is so small, and my mother is probably doing her laundry and the washing machine is just beside the computer and so it will be chaotic and it will be stressful for me.

Actually, I should already be at home at this hour and is already ready for bed because I still have shift tonight and I should be getting enough sleep for I might have nasty breakouts again. I just took advantage of the peace and quiet I can get from doing this in the office for no one cares what I do and no one or nothing bothers me. It's just that, I'm going home late.

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Change is Enevitable
...And I think I'm ready for a change. A change in my blogger template, and probably or most likely, a change in my URL or blogspot address. (Kala mo kung anong something serious no?)

Standby lang guys. If this blog has any follower (meron nga ba?), I'm sorry but I don't know all of you guys, unless you have probably used this blogger's feature where you will be updated should there be any changes on your friends' blogs.

I'm on a hunt for a blogger template now... and still thinking what will be my blogspot address.

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Monday, October 06, 2008
I decided to visit again this space of mine in blogspot. It's been a while. I was actually planning to delete this blog but seeing the things that I've wrote in the past made me think it's just going to be a waste. Like all of the thoughts I've shared online before will be wasted. i decided to read some of them again and I only not found myself on a journey to the past, but I also gained some learning in my own reflections.

So.. I guess I can't afford to have all these just vanish forever. I will be keeping this.

what can probably or possibly happen is I probably will change the url.

I probably am back into this. Hopefully this site will not be surf controlled again from the office ^_^.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is such a weird feeling. I just opened my friendster profile this morning through my ipod touch while lying in bed to just check for some new message or comment, and seeing that I've had like 143 views (found it weird), I checked who are those people who took a peep in my profile. There, I saw someone so unexpected. And I'm not able to describe how I felt when I saw it.

Was planning pa nga to do the blogging through the touch kaso medyo mahirap, so I got up pa just to have a record of this unusual event and feeling.

So ano muna yung nakita ko? Well... and "ex" ko lang naman. It was weird because I know, he used to view profiles anonymously, but now it's shown. And another thing that I know someday will happen but still it surprised me is that, bago na ang status nya. Hindi na single, hindi na it's complicated. In a relationship na. And his primary pic? Kasama nya yung girl.

I am not in the mood to go into details na about this weird feeling. Anyway, I can't describe it. I might be writing about it some other time. I just probably want to keep a record of this sudden surge of indescribable emotion. But I'm perfectly fine.

Maybe I felt a little envious because he has already found his new companion. Just maybe. Because maybe I just don't want to admit it to myself. I suddenly felt like I've lost in a competition. But before any of you my friends there react to what I've just mentioned, I want you to know that I completely know I shouldn't be feeling like this. But I was just being real. I was just saying what I feel but I'm not doing anything to nurse it so no harm done, okay?

For some part of me, I am happy for him. No pretentions, or bitterness, whatsoever. What I've just said is genuinely meant. And I wish them both happiness. I wish that the guy who once was very special to me has become a better person. A better man. And in that case, the girl is really blessed. Since this is a wish, I wouldn't be looking in its opposite side. I want to think they will have a happily ever after story.

Pero hindi ko na iwwish na makita na wedding pics naman ang sunod na makita ko no. Unless I have mine posted first. Hehehe.

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Monday, November 26, 2007
Multiply Makeover
I changed my layout into something cuter. Maybe some may say that the layout is too cutie-cutie for my age, but I really love it. Thanks to http://pinkfaiiry.multiply.com and to http://customizedthemes.multiply.com that I found this uber-cute layout. I am making some modifications pa, and in fact, I have now spent quiet some time in front of the computer. I started at 9am and it's now 1:15pm. adik!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007
My New Bible

Bought a new Holy Bible last night on my way to work. I was early in Makati yesterday because I went to school for our classes during Friday but when I got there, wala dun si sir. Medyo na-badtrip ako kasi I woke up early pa naman just to get there on time tapos pagdating ko wala si sir! Arrrgh! Napuyat na nga ko, kulang pa ko sa tulog. Since I was so early, I decided to window shop muna since I'll be passing 3 linked malls. From MRT Ayala station is SM Makati, then Glorietta, then Landmark. Tapos Greenbelt. Oha. That's one of the perks of working in Makati. The downside is magastos d'oh. I checked Powerbooks since I have long been planning to find a replacement for my Bible, which I bought for P1,349.75 Php, considering its diminutive size (the size of a purse. Ang Bible kasi, habang lumiliit, lumalaki ang presyo) and that was way back July 2005, pagkatapos I will find out lang later on na may missing pages pala. At ang dami ha. Kaya ako naghahanap ng bago. Kulang ang books. Hindi pwede yun. So I checked what Powerbooks have. I already have something in mind, so I already know what to look for. I was scouting for a Backpack Bible. As the name implies, it's handy and funky enough to be carried in your backpack. Like a go anywhere sort of stuff. Kumbaga sa damit, it's the casual and comfy type. Backpack Bibles by Zondervan has a wide range of cool designs. You wouldn't think it's a Bible until you open it. It's nice that they are being creative on the concept of God's word and making it more eye friendly to the public. So I checked their collection and I found this one with a Lady Bug design. Cute sya. I'm posting the pictures in my album section. And I'm satisfied with it. Cute na cute ako sa kanya. I was thinking, I can carry it around and read it anywhere without making an impression na nagbabanal banalan ako. And it's fun to read nga because of the design. It somehow removes that impression of seriousness that scares off people. Basta natutuwa ko sa kanya. party

Check the album. may comparison pa ko with my old one. I was thinking if I will give it away, for I somehow am having a hard time letting it go. Parang may sentimental value sya. Isa kasi yun sa mga first fruits of my labor with PeopleSupport. It's the second I owned, na ako ang bumili. At sya ang pinakamahal. Yung pinakauna ko nawala e. Naiwan ko sa jeep. Bahala na. big grin

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I don't intend this to be my life's chronicles but I might write some of my experiences here. Even so, everything that's written in here are either products of my excessive contemplation, or just plainly, pure boredom. In any case, I still try to write as sensible as possible, for what I really intend to do and I hope is achieved in every writing, is to impart or share some of the things I learn and sometimes, some struggles in life. Don't expect all seriousness in everything in here though.

In short, this blog is my outlet. My noted thoughts and reflections.

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About Me: I'm a simple, idealistic but down-to-earth, & friendly person. Quiet most of the time, but friendly enough to have a nice talk (or even a hearty laugh) with anyone. "I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me. So I live my life in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20 NLT

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